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    As a young child, I started collecting bubble gum cards of the 1980's.  As I got older, my father & I ventured out to the small but frequent baseball card shows that popped up around my hometown of Atlanta. T207 Golden  It was there that I bought and fell in love with my first pre-war card (a T206 Chesbro that I have since given away).  Since then, my collection & passion for these cards has grown immensely. We have decided to share our collection with fellow collectors and hope you enjoy what you see here.
    On my site you will find scans & images of most (if not all) of my father's & my vintage cards.  While most of my cards fall into the pre-war vintage category, my father enjoys both Hank Aaron & WW-II era cards.  We also have a few miscellaneous cards that we have picked up over the years.  .