1919 Chicago Players: Eight Men Out /  The White Sox /  Commy & The Gamblers

    Below you will find all of my most prized possessions, my Black Sox related cards.   Although born and raised in Altanta, and although a diehard Braves fan, my single favorite team is the 1919 Chicago White Sox.  Commonly referred to as the "Black Sox" for throwing the series that year AND wearing dirty uniforms, they caputered my imagination when I was a young boy.  I don't recall exactly what drew me to this team or my boyhood idol, Joe Jackson.  Nonetheless, here they are and in all their glory.


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The Eight Men Out:
Cicotte /  Felsch /  Gandil /  Jackson /  McMullin /  Risberg /  Weaver /  Williams
M-Unc Cicotte

1909 Boston Post

T206 Cicotte

1909-11 T206

M116 Cicotte

1910-11 M116

E94 Cicotte

1911 E94 (Gold)

E94 Cicotte

1911 E94 (Olive)

M131 Cicotte

1911 M131

T201 Cicotte

1911 T201

T205 Cicotte

1911 T205

M101-4 Cicotte

1916 M101-4

M101-5 Cicotte

1916 M101-5

E135 Cicotte

1917 Collins-McCarthy

H801-8 Cicotte

1917 Boston Store

M101-6 Cicotte

1919 M101-6

W514 Cicotte

1920-21 W514

W516-1 Cicotte

1920 W516-1

W516-2-1 Cicotte

1920 W516-2-1

W519-2 Cicotte

1920 W519-2

D303 Felsch

1916 Mother's Bread

M101-4 Felsch

1916 M101-4

M101-5 Felsch

1916 M101-5

H801-8 Felsch

1917 Boston Store

D328 Felsch

1917 Weil Baking

M114 Felsch

1917 M114

M101-6 Felsch

1919 M101-6

W514 Felsch

1920-21 W514

T212-1 Gandil

1909 Obak

T206 Gandil (Sovereign 460)

1909-11 T206

T206 Gandil (Red Hindu)

T206 Red Hindu

T206 Gandil (Sweet Caporal 350-460)

T206 Sweet Caporal

T206 Gandil (Sweet Caporal 350-460 Overprint)

T206 Overprint

T206 Gandil (Tolstoi)

T206 Tolstoi

PlowBoy Gandil

1910 Plow Boy

E90-3 Gandil

1910 E90-3

C46 Gandil

1912 Imperial Tobacco

B18 Gandil

1914 B18

T213-2 Gandil

1914 T213-2

E145-2 Gandil

1915 Cracker Jack

BF2 Gandil

1916 BF2

M101-4 Gandil

1916 M101-4

E135 Gandil

1917 Collins-McCarthy

H801-8 Gandil

1917 Boston Store

H801-9 Gandil

1917 Globe Clothes

W514 Gandil

1919-21 W514

E90-1 Jackson

1909-11 E90-1

M101-2 Jackson

1911 M101-2

T200 Cleveland

1913 T200

B18 Jackson

1914 B18

E&S Jackson

1914 E&S Postcard

W514 Jackson

1920-21 W514

E137-1 McMullin

1915 Zeenut

E137-1 Risberg

1915 Zeenut

E137-2 Risberg

1916 Zeenut

W514 Risberg

1920-21 W514

D310 Weaver

1911 D310

E136-1 Weaver

1911 Zeenut

T212-3 Weaver

1911 Obak

T207 Weaver

1912 T207

BF2 Weaver

1916 BF2

1916 Weaver

1916 M101-5

D-UNC Weaver

1916 Tango Eggs

E135 Weaver

1917 Collins-McCarthy

H801-8 Weaver

1917 Boston Store

M101-6 Weaver

1919 M101-6

W514 Weaver

1920-21 W514

1915 E137-1 Williams

1915 Zeenut

H801-8 Williams

1917 Boston Store

W514 Williams

1920-21 W514