The focus of my collection is on cards of people who have ties to the 1919 World Series, the W514 set, and T206 Southern Leaguers & Baseball Hall of Fame members. However, I find myself always tempted by other odds and ends. For example, my favorite non-Black Sox player is Walter Johnson; from time to time, I have acquired a few of his cards. I also like rare cards and cards depicting Atlanta players. Although I no longer own the lections, I find them so neat that I have kept the scans on this page.


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1923 Lections
Lections Frisch

Frank Frisch

Lections Honrsby

Rogers Hornsby

Lections E. Meusel

Emil Meusel

Lections Ruth

Babe Ruth

Lections Shawkey

Bob Shawkey

Lections Shawkey

Bob Shawkey (g)

Lections Schmidt

Charles Schmidt

Atlanta Crackers Baseball Cards
E254 Moran

1909-11 E254 Colgans

T211 Rogers

1910 T211 Red Sun

Walter Johnson Cards
T206 Johnson

1909-11 T206

T205 Johnson

1911 T205

T207 Johnson

1912 T207

W-UNC Johnson

1915-20 Big Head

1920-1921 W514 Johnsons

1920-21 W514

W461 Exhibit (Set 1) Johnson

1921 W461

Various Cards
T207 Golden

1912 T207
Roy Golden

1922 W461-2 Moses Yellow Horse

1922 W461 Exhibit
Moses "Chief" Yellow Horse

1936 Ogden's Cigarettes Jesse Owens

Ogden´s Cigarettes
Jessie Owens