1919 Chicago Players: Eight Men Out /  The White Sox /  Commy & The Gamblers

    Below you will find all of my most prized possessions, my Black Sox related cards.   Although born and raised in Altanta, and although a diehard Braves fan, my single favorite team is the 1919 Chicago White Sox.  Commonly referred to as the "Black Sox" for throwing the series that year AND wearing dirty uniforms, they caputered my imagination when I was a young boy.  I don't recall exactly what drew me to this team or my boyhood idol, Joe Jackson.  Nonetheless, here they are and in all their glory.


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The Rest of the Bunch:
Benz /  E. Collins /  S. Collins /  Danforth /  Faber /  Gleason /  James /  Jenkins / 
Kerr /  Leibold /  Lynn /  Mayer /  McLellan /  Murphy /  Noyes /  Russell / 
Schalk /  Shellenback /  Wilkinson
Joe Benz
E&S Benz

1914 E&S Postcard

M101-4 Benz

1916 M101-4

The Globe Benz

1916 The Globe

Eddie Collins
E90-1 Collins

1909-11 E90-1

E102 Collins

1910 E102

E93 Collins

1910 E93

E93 Collins

1910 E98

E103 Collins

1910 E103

T3 Collins

1911 T3 Turkey Red

E106 Collins

1915 E106

M101-4 Collins

1916 M101-4

M101-5 Collins

1916 M101-5

E135 Collins

1917 Collins-McCarthy

W514 Collins

1920-21 W514

W516-2-2 Collins

1921 W516-2-2

W521 Collins

1921 W521

V89 Collins

1922 V89

W515-1 E. Collins

1923 W515-1

W515-2 E. Collins

1923 W515-2

Shauno Collins
BF2 S. Collins

1916 BF2

M101-4 S. Collins

1916 M101-4

E135 Collins

1917 Collins-McCarthy

E220 National Caramel Collins

1921-23 E220

Dave Danforth
T207 Danforth

1912 T207

E121 Danforth

1921 E121

V61-2 Danforth

1922 V61-2

Urban "Red" Faber
M101-4 Faber

1916 M101-4

E121 Faber

1921 E121

W461 Exhibit (Set 1) Faber

1921 W461

German Transfer Stamps

1923 German Transfer

V100 Faber

1923 Willard´s

W515-1 Faber

1923 W515-1

William "Kid" Gleason
N172 Gleason

1887 Old Judge

WG-Unc Gleason

1904 Allegheny

W514 Gleason

1920-21 W514

W519-2 Gleason

1920 W519-2

E121 Gleason

1921 E121

V100 Gleason

1923 Willard´s

"Big" Bill James
E137-8 James

1922 Zeenut

E137-9 James

1923 Zeenut

Joe Jenkins
E137-6 Jenkins

1920 Zeenut

E137-7 Jenkins

1921 Zeenut

E137-8 Jenkins

1922 Zeenut

E137-10 Jenkins

1924 Zeenut

Dick Kerr
W514 Kerr

1920-21 W514

E121 Kerr

1921 E121-1

E121 Kerr

1922 E121-2

Harry "Nemo" Leibold
E135 Leibold

1917 Collins-McCarthy

E121 Leibold

1921 E121-1

V100 Leibold

1923 Willard´s

Byrd "Birdie" Lynn
E136-4 Lynn

1914 Zeenut

E137-7 Lynn

1921 Zeenut

Erskine Mayer
D329 Mayer

1917 D329

Harvey "Little Mac" McLellan
V100 McLellan

1923 Willard´s

"Honest" Eddie Murphy
E145-2 Murphy

1915 Cracker Jack

M101-5 Murphy

1916 M101-5

Win Noyes
E136-2 Noyes

1912 Zeenut

E137-2 Noyes

1916 Zeenut

Ewell "Reb" Russell
M101-4 Russell

1916 M101-4

M101-5 Russell

1916 M101-5

Ray Schalk
W-UNC Schalk

1915-20 Big Head

BF2 Schalk

1916 BF2

M101-4 Schalk

1916 M101-4

M101-5 Schalk

1916 M101-5

M101-6 Schalk

1919 M101-6

1920-1921 W514 Schalk

#1920-21 W514

W516-1 Schalk

1920 W516-1

W515-1 Schalk

1923 W515-1

E121 Schalk

1921 E121

W519 Schalk

1920 W519-1

W-UNC Schalk

1920 W-UNC

Frank Shellenback
E137-6 Shellenback

1920 Zeenut

E137-9 Shellenback

1923 Zeenut

E137-14 Shellenback

1928 Zeenut

Roy Wilkinson
HUNC Baltimore Shirt Co. Wilkinson

1923 Baltimore Shirt Co.